Here I am back to write a little something more in this blog. I spent a little time working on the site, adding a little content and also some on the Amazon ads. The whole thing is still a work on progress as I think about what would be cool things to add to the site. Your suggestions on this are welcome.

I selected Amazon for my first foray into advertising on my site because of the existing relationship that I have with them. Amazon is where I have been selling e-books for several years and it is also by far the one with the best sales. There is a little bit of discomfort in this disparity in sales because I am learning the hard way that it is not good to be dependent upon just one company for income. But it doesn’t seem like there is anything that I can do about it by myself so I just live with it.

I’ve added a comment page to the WordPress part of the site and you can feel free to try that out if you like. It’s more sophisticated than the one on the regular part of the site, we’ll see how this one works out.


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