Back up after an outage…

I have my site back up after an outage of nearly 24 hours. Somehow my ISP changed or let get changed all the permissions on the files on this site, hiding everything. After a half hour on the phone to my hosting provider I have it all back. For me the lesson from this is not to have a single point of failure so I am setting more sites to releive this one. The first is and I will be adding more as time goes on.

I’ve also finally figured out how to use the Facebook “Like” button generator thingy so I will be adding that to most of my pages sooner or later. LinkedIn also has the same thing though I will probably use that one a little more judiciously considering that site’s different slant. I never really had much interest in driving a lot of traffic to my site before now but that is changes. Now, the more visitors I get, the better.

I have also created my first Amazon store and I am still learning about doing that sort of thing. But I already know that this first one will only be the first one of many that I will be creating as time goes on. There is some learning associated with it but mostly it is a tedium of deciding on what products to add to the store pages and then actually adding them.

More next time…


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