Happenings with me…

I spent most of the day today on job interviews or driving to and from job interviews. I’m pretty glad that I am getting interviews but at the same time they are a bit grueling, as much for the tension you’re under as anything else. Even though I still have enough money to pay my expenses I want to go back to work as soon as I can.

I am still learning about WordPress and what it can do for me. The most obvious use is for a blogging engine that I completely control (including what advertisements are placed on it). But it seems like there are other things that it can do for me and I am looking into learning about those as well. I always like to experiment and learn everything that I can so this is another opportunity for me to do that.

In a lot of ways my web presence is similar to the computers that I have at home in that I only use a small part of what I have available. I’ve been working on filling up some of the available space but I have a lot left to do on it. But thinking of interesting things to write on this site can be more challenging that it might seem but I will give it my best shot.

More next time.


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